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Our latest observations in user experience research.

Tag Archive: Android

Moto X: The Well-Behaved New Kid in Town

Moto X Smartphone

When I was growing up, teachers always put me in charge of welcoming new kids; spending extra time to show them around, teaching them our cafeteria rules, and desperately trying to find what they were good at. Fast-forward 20-some years, and having to set up a new phone and learn its functionality always brings back […]

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These Students Got it RITE!

Credits or Catastrophes mobile app prototype

What can five high school girls do with a great mobile app idea in just twelve weeks? The Technovation Challenge team I recently mentored identified a problem in their community, built an Android app prototype from scratch to solve this problem, and pitched it to judges from around the world. Yes, after winning Regionals with […]

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Four Students, an Android, and a (Virtual) Frog

During the past four months, I was part of something incredible – the 2012 Technovation Challenge! This national program pairs small groups of high school girls with women mentors within the technology industry, with the aim of inspiring girls to become entrepreneurs and see themselves as creators of technology. Each Wednesday evening for ten weeks, […]

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10 Mobile Usability Testing Tips

Years of mobile testing have led to a number of items that we, as user experience researchers, consider whenever we set out to conduct a test that takes place on a mobile device such as a personal phone or iPad. In somewhat more typical test, participants will arrive at a lab and use a generic […]

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Is the Android truly an open platform?


From the start, Google’s Android operating system was touted as being ‘open.’ Standing in stark contrast to iOS, that mobile sanctuary behind Apple’s walled garden, Android held the promise of freedom, choice for the user, and a device that is totally open to the whims of the device owner. Well, the reality of Android’s open […]

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The flexibility of an Android compared to an iPhone


Recently, I switched over from an Apple iPhone to a Motorola Droid. I think the iPhone is an amazing device and it does an excellent job of keeping my life in order. However, the release of the new Droid 2 beckoned and I made the switch. Now that I’ve been using the Droid as my […]

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