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Our latest observations in user experience research.

UX Lessons at the Movies

Black and white photo of two people in a movie theater

There is a lot of overlap between UX research and film. When we do research, we are (hopefully) watching and listening with the attention of a good actor. We’re working hard so we can convey a story or point of view to an eager audience of stakeholders. And if we pay enough attention to either […]

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AnswerLab Needs Your Help to Get to SXSW!

Pebble smartwatches

  Exciting news! AnswerLab CEO Amy Buckner Chowdhry is teaming up with wearables industry veteran Kerry Bodine to conduct a research study on the design and usability of smartwatches. We’d love to share the results at SXSW in Austin, Texas next March — but we need your help to get there!     Please vote […]

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Top 7 Tips for Creating Mobile Healthcare User Experiences

Smartwatch and Mobile Device

Mobile Healthcare Is Here To Stay Healthcare is moving beyond the walls of the doctor’s office. Mobile technologies are supporting healthcare, making it more portable and personal. The proliferation of wellness and fitness apps is well documented, but mobile technology is also being used to support the practice of medicine. This infographic  shows just how […]

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UX Trend Watch: New RX for Pharmaceutical Websites

Stethoscope on a keyboard

Pharmaceutical companies must meet the needs of many different types of visitors through the content on their drug websites. Imagine the last time you visited the doctor’s office. In addition to seeing your doctor, you may have interacted with a nurse who took your vitals and greeted you, an administrator who processed your paperwork, and […]

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UX Research Reveals How To Delight Mobile Users and Drive Conversions

Group of 5 adults with mobile devices

Despite consumers’ growing reliance on mobile websites, earlier research Google commissioned on mobile shopping revealed that consumers often found sites hard to navigate, poorly designed, and sparse in features. The Google AdWords team commissioned AnswerLab for mobile user experience research spanning 100 different mobile websites, which was specifically designed to fill a vast void in what we know […]

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Is Your Business Ready-To-Wearables?

Several fitness trackers on wrist

Several years ago during the holiday time, Answerlab evaluated various fitness trackers on the market and decided to make a strategic investment in a Fitbit for every employee.  This investment was part of our ongoing effort to make AnswerLab a great work environment, and a way to get our team thinking about the future of […]

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Why Most Users Don’t Care (or know) about
Responsive Design

Example of Starbucks Responsive Website in several sizes

The benefits of Responsive Design are well documented. A single code-base for your website across all platforms streamlines the future updates and redesigns and eliminates fragmentation. A single URL simplifies SEO and enables you to exert more control over your site visitors. And of course, it’s pretty cool watching your desktop website fluidly adapt its […]

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