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Our latest observations in user experience research.

Six Reasons US Postal Service Kiosks Rock (Really!)

Stack of USPS packages for posting

When was the last time you had an amazing experience at a US Post Office? Mine was just a couple of weeks ago, mailing packages for the holidays and loving the after-hours ease of posting packages via the automated kiosks! I was pleasantly surprised at how many principles of good design the USPS nailed with […]

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Do You Copy?

Do you copy?

Too often copy gets saved for last. Placing emphasis on the layout, look, and feel of a site or application while failing to address its written content can be a critical mistake. Copy is an integral part of the user experience, and leaving it out of the test plan means developers can miss key opportunities to improve upon the value proposition, nomenclature, contextual help, and instructional and error messaging that guide and engage users.

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How Does Your Website or App Stack Up Against UX Best Practices?


An Expert Evaluation Can Bring Your Digital Strategy into Focus This time of year, the AnswerLab team consults with many of our clients who are in the thick of year-end planning for various User Experience projects – whether it be a site redesign, enhancement, or new app. As year-end deadlines draw near, there are often […]

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User Experience Design is the New Marketing

In the history of business, there have been a handful of examples of business functions that get their start as an idea adopted by a few early adopters and gradually make their way into the core fabric of the corporate world. In 1950 the idea of “Marketing” barely existed. Companies were essentially led by three […]

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Putting User Experience in Context


Here at AnswerLab, we are frequently approached by organizations who want to take a successful website or desktop application and create a complimentary mobile or tablet application. There are a number of fairly obvious usability issues to consider when “going mobile.” Mobile and tablet devices have smaller screens than desktops and the keypads are typically […]

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Four Students, an Android, and a (Virtual) Frog


During the past four months, I was part of something incredible – the 2012 Technovation Challenge! This national program pairs small groups of high school girls with women mentors within the technology industry, with the aim of inspiring girls to become entrepreneurs and see themselves as creators of technology. Each Wednesday evening for ten weeks, […]

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Excellence in Digital Experience: 2012 Webby Awards

The Webby Awards

Congratulations are in order for the providers of some of the year’s best digital user experiences. The list of yesterday’s Webby Award winners and nominees is full of examples of companies and individuals responding to user needs with elegant and engaging web, mobile and tablet solutions. We’re proud to have worked with several of this […]

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