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Our latest observations in user experience research.

The UX of Physical Spaces: Europe Gets it Right

airport wayfinding

America could stand to learn a thing or two from our friends across the Atlantic. For the last two weeks, I traveled across Central Europe, showing my younger cousin the incredible architecture, art, and culture that the region has to offer. On the trip, I discovered many impressive applications of UX best practices to physical […]

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We Tried It! Simple Online Bank

AnswerLabbers share a passion for exploring and assessing all things digital. And with new digital products and services coming on the scene daily, we don’t lack for water-cooler (that is Slack #topic-random) conversation. Starting this week, we’ll be sharing our explorations here on the LabLog in a weekly “We Tried It!” post. Like this inaugural […]

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TripIt Pro Knows Travelers: The App Proves It

Mobile Phone with trip it mobile app screen

At AnswerLab, employees receive an annual “tech benefit,” an allowance that encourages us to purchase new digital tools and technologies to make our work or personal lives easier and to try out innovations in user experience. My most recent purchase, TripIt Pro, is a travel planning app that creates a detailed itinerary by scraping data […]

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Pocket Hospital? Tour the Mobile Healthcare Revolution

Digital Medical Experiences

Technology is shaking up healthcare – and not just with advances in medical devices and electronic medical records. Each of us is poised to become our own mobile lab simply by harnessing technology that’s already in our pockets. While the health-minded have been using mini devices to monitor daily movement (e.g. Fitbit) or track their […]

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This is Your Brain on Games

Given my background in digital user experience research and psychology, it’s perhaps no surprise that I was immediately intrigued when I first heard of Lumosity. Many of us go to great lengths to make sure our body is and stays fit. But what do we do to make sure our brain stays fit? Science suggests: play games!

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New Season of Mad Men Coming! New Season for Focus Groups?

Melissa McCarthy on Saturday Night Live, playing a focus group participant

A new season of Mad Men begins on April 7, and with it may come continued exposure to the critical role of focus groups in market research. Focus groups have become objects of scorn by some, bogged down with a bad rap for pitfalls like “group think,” dominant or under-engaged respondents, and participants a bit […]

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Guidelines for Putting Lean UX into Practice

AnswerLab Lean UX Meet

These days, exceptional user experience isn’t a nice-to-have; it separates the winning businesses from the middling ones. Building a great user experience means understanding your customers through research. Conducting research doesn’t have to be a long, exhaustive, or expensive process. Like technology, research is evolving, too! When UX researchers use terms like “lean” and “agile” […]

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Three Ways We Nurture AnswerLab Culture

AnswerLab Team Trivia Night

As we move forward on our mission to be the most trusted source for user experience research in the world, we are fully aware that our success depends almost exclusively on our ability to attract and retain a talented team. In looking back over the past few years, I’ve identified three initiatives that I think […]

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