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Our latest observations in user experience research.

Finding Success in Simple User Experiences

The world has sped up, become more connected and a whole lot busier. As a result,  many consumers care more about ubiquitous access to content and communications than having a perfectly full-featured experience.  Increasingly, consumers will not spend time using complicated products and services. But, let’s be clear: “simplification” does not mean the dumbing down […]

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Lessons from the Auto Industry in Online Customization Interface Tools

With billions of dollars to be won or lost online, the auto industry is striving to lead the way when it comes to customization of products online. Modern looking, highly contented, easy to navigate websites make for compelling user environments. Great user experience comes from tools that educate, engage and connect with consumers. Done right, […]

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Debunking Some Usability Misnomers

After many years of managing and performing research, I’ve noticed some similar misnomers about usability research among colleagues and friends. While I agree that research may result in creating additional cycles of design iteration or some beta programming, it is an upfront investment that almost always yields longer-term success. I know it is difficult for […]

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